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With graduation just around the corner, I've decided to pick up one of these journals. I suppose I could put it to use as a way to track my progress with training, as well as a way to stay in touch with those whom I won't be attending school with in the following years. Although, I would have to say that there aren't very many of those people.

My time to write tonight, however, must end abruptly. I have a run to go on in the morning, and in order for that to be satisfying, I should be off to bed.

One last thing before I go: Again, many wishes upon your birthday today, Yukimura. I hope that this year will bring you happiness, and the best of luck. I'm sorry once again that I wasn't able to stay the night, for the rest of your party. It was pleasant, though, if not rowdy and immature, at times. Thank you for the invite.

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Sanada-fukubuchou~ ☆

Toobadyou couldn't stay, really. Just afteryouleft Seiichi-buchou gaveus quiteashow witha tabledance. ☆

Mn. Haru-chan's right. I nevernoticed howsexy your elbowscanbe. ;)

[ooc: small for Sanada, and Bunta is totally lying. XD;]
Hello, Marui. How have things been over at Hyoutei?

Ah? Nothing new then, I suppose.

At least you never said such things about my hand meeting others' faces.

[ooc; ::dies:: Obviously. XDD; I think Sanada's going to wind up to be very gullible, or simply with a veerryy dry sense of sarcasm. >_o]
D: Bunta. Thingshavebeen fine. ☆ Sortaquiet without youaround to pretendyou're buchou andpissoff Atobe.

Mn. Itwas all humdrumandcommon until Yuushi joinedin. ☆

Onlybecause Ineverbefore saw the rawsexualappeal ofyour manlyarms. ☆

[ooc: I have no idea what Bunta's talking about, now. XD;]
Ah, yes. Well, I would say that my time there was quite interesting. Several aspects were pleasing, but otherwise, I am glad that I made the change.

And yet we were on the same team for how many years again...? Really, Bunta.

[ooc; ::dies again:: And Sanada is simply sweatdropping and shaking his head. And hiding a smirk, I think. XD; I am so tempted to make an icon out of that doujin that we've spoken about before, where Sanada loses his hat. So many hilarious expressions. XDD]
Aslongas you're happy. ☆ Idon't think Icouldhave left, myself. Thisisassuming Jirou wouldhaveeven letgoofme if I toldhim I was thinkingaboutit.

Clearly, thishasbeen a lapseinjudgment onmypart. I neverwas an elbowtensai. u_u I am ashamedofmyself. But I'll makesureto pay muchcloser attention from nowon. ;)

[ooc: *dies* Yes, poor Sanada is put through the ringer in that one. And, aww, he handles Bunta so well. How cute. ☆]
Must train you in the ways. ;D You'll be a qualified elbowtensai soon <3
Ofcourse, sensei. ☆ What's my firstlesson?
No crusty/dry/flaky skin. :D If, then moisturise! Whether against their will or not. ;D
I see, sensai. :O I will meditateonthis further inthedojo. ☆